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Nickie has worked in the childcare field for well over 15 years. She is a graduate of Southern Virginia College, with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has worked with children of all ages, from birth through elementary school. Every year she continues to attend trainings to keep her up to date with the most recent developments in childcare. She loves working with children because each day is a new adventure and everyday she can always count on something funny happening to make her laugh at the wonder of the childs mind. When she is not at the center you can find Nickie with her husband, their 8 year old son, family and friends enjoying all kinds of outdoor activities, such as camping, boating, hiking, gardening, and just spending quality time with the people she loves.

Cindy has worked in the childcare industry for over 23 years. She feels that quality childcare is important for all childrens development. She completed her CDS training and the West Virginia infant/toddler program in 1996. During her time at The Childrens Tree House, Cindy has worked as the lead teacher in the toddler room, summer camp, Kitchen Supervisor, worked with the children in every classroom and has helped train several of the teachers in the center. Cindy continues to complete yearly training workshops and has dedicated her career to childcare because as she puts it, children are our future! When Mimi is not here she came be found spending time with her three granddaughters.

Why do I work in childcare? When asked this question, Sandy responded that she sometimes asks herself the same question, but has happily realized that, when a child comes running to me, arms held high, with a large smile on her face, I know Im where I want to be. Sandy has been here at CTH for over 10 years and is our most experienced staff member with over 23 years of direct childcare experience. She has attended over 60 specialty classes, many through Shepherd College, including a CDS program, which she completed in 1995. And, in 2008 Sandy completed the WV Infant/Toddler Professional Development Program. As the lead teacher of the toddler/twos room, Sandy has her hands full creating a stimulating curriculum that is safe, fun, and rewarding. When Sandy is not here at the center she will be found spending quality time with her family and two wonderful grandsons.

Nickie Weller


Sandra West

Assistant Director

Lead Toddler/Twos Teacher

Cindy Frye (Mimi):

Lead Teacher – Toddlers/Twos

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