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Tara Painter:

Lead Teacher-Infants

Viola Welch:

Teacher – Infants

Tara began her career as a child care professional after receiving her associates degree as a child care specialist and 2002. During her years in college, she began working in a child care center to receive relevant knowledge. She has worked with children in a childcare setting for over 10 years and has been here at CTH since 2008. She has worked with children of all ages from infancy to school-age, but has found her passion to be working with infants. Her love for infants can be seen in the way she nurtures each individual child and enhances their growth through their daily routine of basic needs. She also loves that a young child can always put a smile on her face. The tiny grins, expression of laughter, spontaneous giggles, and bursts of laughter are priceless to her. When Tara is not with her work family, she says she loves being with her family at home. She enjoys being at home and getting into random things, going outside and visiting family are her most enjoyable moments.

Vie comes to The Childrens Tree House with many years or experience working with children. She has been with us here with us since 2000. Since she has been working in childcare she has learned how to provide a safe and nurturing environment and how it help to lay a foundation for future development that will last a lifetime. Vie has worked with children of all ages but since she has been working in our infant room she has found that to be her true passion. Her goal in the future is to learn everything possible about infant/toddler development and take the knowledge that she has gained to help create a safe developmentally appropriate and loving classroom environment for the children in her care and their families. When Vie is not here at the center she enjoys spending time with her family and her wonderful granddaughter Cece.

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