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Our mission is to provide the NCTC staff, students, and community with high quality child care that connects children with nature, instills value for the environment, and builds the foundation for their educational journey. We achieve this through highly trained, engaged staff who encourage natural exploration and play.


We envision Children’s Tree House providing our youth a foundation for exploring, discovering and appreciating the gift of learning as well as our natural world. The children we touch today could be those that vote for cleaner air and water or develop new ways to care for the earth in the future.


High-Quality Teachers who support a safe and nurturing environment and are equally supported in their compensation and benefits.

Student-Driven Learning that teaches respect for the environment, teachers, friends, and self and provides a foundation for learning.

Interaction with the Natural Environment that offers children the daily opportunity to spend time outdoors and fully engage all their senses.

Partnerships between parents, teachers, and the Board that supports open dialogue, feedback, and assessment to achieve the goals of the organization


Nature plays a vital role in the emotional, social and cognitive development of young children. Childhood experiences in nature help stimulate curiosity and interest in the world around us, and help us grow intellectually in our desire to better understand the world and our place in it. Children’s Treehouse provides a child-directed nature-based approach centered on both the High/Scope and Project Learning Tree curriculum.

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