698 Conservation Way

Shepherdstown WV 25443

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W.O.W. (Wild Outdoor Wonders)

Adventure Camp


Who: Campers from the age of 5(that have completed kindergarten)-12yrs

What: Outdoor Nature Summer Camp

Let your child be outside playing and learning in nature everyday

When: 9am-4pm June 10th thru August 16th

Where: Children’s Tree House is on the campus of NCTC in Shepherdstown, WV

698 Conservation Way

Weekly songs, scavenger hunts, special guests, Dragonville, Tiny Town, crafts, outdoor games, Etc!!

Summer in Space- June 10-14 From our Earth’s atmosphere to the outer teachers of our solar system, this hands-on week will send your camper on a quest for exploration! Comets, planets, stars and more are all waiting to be discovered. Learn about the phases of the moon and participate in a rocket launch.

You + Fun= Science-June 17-12 It’s back by popular demand! SCIENCE WEEK! Your scientist can join us for a fun, hands-on, and sometimes messy lessons that are meant to engage their curiosity. We will hypothesis, predict, experiment, observe and make conclusions that will make us better scientists. Be sure to bring eye protect, we LOVE when things explode!

Artists in Nature-June 24-28 Art can communication everything from how you’re feeling to the close relationship between a caterpillar and its host plant. We will use nature as an inspiration and as a source of unusual materials as we explore habitats, uncover wildlife and identify plants. We’ll experiment with various media, learn new techniques and collaborate to express ourselves. Nature has a lot to offer us’ we’ll discover that during this week.

Having a Blast with Chloroplast!-July 8-12 Turning sun into sugar is tricky business, but it is a full-time job for the ground plants, mosses, and ferns around us! We’ll get down and dirty during this week as we discover how the plants at our feet become a source of water, shelter, food, or in some cases – delicious teas and medicine! We will also discuss why are leaves green? and How do trees grow so tall? We’ll spend the week answering these questions and more as we investigate the superpowers of the plant world.

Watershed Week-July 15-19 All water goes downhill, but where does it end up, and how does it change the land? We will investigate the ecology of the river, the forests, and the soggy wetlands that are home to many birds and animals. Come and experiment with sand and water and explore for predatory animals who depend on the water for food.

Endurance Week-July 22-26 Are you a survivalist who wants to know how to live off the land? What if you were lost in the woods how would you survive? Campers will learn basic skills such as orienteering and shelter building. They’ll have a blast putting their new skills to the test when we visit the famous location of Dragonville!!   

Native American’s Culture Week-July 29-August 2 Nature camp this week will be discussing the history and culture of various local native tribes. Campers will learn about indigenous cultures through various crafts and activities. Come this week to connect and learn more about the first people in the United States.

Inventor’s Workshop-August 5-9  Childhood curiosity, experimentation, and imagination can develop one’s play instinct. This week will be focused around finding those qualities in your camper. They will invent, create, and imagine on a whole new level. Bring your thinking cap this week to camp. It will help you, promise!

A Bug’s Life-August 12-16 What better way to learn more about bugs than to be one? Get ready to get down and dirty this week as we explore dirt, trees, shrubs, grass, and even the air for bugs. We will talk about how bugs help each other and connect that to us as humans and how we help each other. We will add to our bug hotel and hopefully welcome more guests. Don’t miss out so you can see ‘a bug’s life!’