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W.O.W. (Wild Outdoor Wonders)

Adventure Camp


Nature Based Outdoor Immersion

Who: Campers from the age of 5(that have completed kindergarten)-12yrs

What: Outdoor Nature Summer Camp 

Let your child be outside playing and learning in nature everyday

When: 8:30am-4:30pm Monday-Friday Various weeks June 8th-August 17th

Where: Children’s Tree House is on the campus of NCTC in Shepherdstown, WV

698 Conservation Way

Planet Protectors:

Weeks of June 8th & June 15th

Unlike a caterpillar (who must liquefy and digest itself before changing into a butterfly), YOU can transform painlessly into a pollinator during these week-long camps. From moths and butterflies to bees and wasps, join us to learn about science-and the dance-involved in pollinating.  What is harmful to us and our pollinators? What can we do to help?

Mucky Muddy Mania:

Week of June 22nd
Come get messy in the mud kitchen and muck around in the creek.  Discover what plants and animals live along the shores of the creeks that flow to the Potomac River by exploring the water and mud with dip nets, buckets, and magnifiers. 

Dress for the mess!

Survival, Trees and Edibles:

Weeks of July 13th & 20th

Turning sun into sugar is a tricky business, but it is a full-time job for the ground plants, mosses and ferns around us!  Get down and dirty during these weeks of herbaceous investigation and discover how the plants at our feet become a source of water, shelter, food, or in some cases-delicious teas and medicine.  What tree are best for making shelters, tools, food and fire? This week you will create your own shelter, tools, and use what nature has given us to survive.

Wild Jobs in Science & Conservation:

Week of July 27th

Learn what it’s like to have a Wild Job! Work and travel campus with Nature Conservation employees, meeting a variety of professionals who work with birds, wildlife and natural systems in fields such as research, conservation, education, photography or wildlife rehabilitation. Visit several areas and organizations to learn directly from their staff about the range of activities and equipment involved in their work and the types of training and career paths which led them to their Wild Jobs. Campers will get to participate in field research also participate in a variety of science projects.

Creativity with Nature:

Weeks of August 10th & August 17th (if camp is available, depending on when school goes back)

Did you know that you can make music instruments out of items found in nature, or that paint can be made from plant and vegetables?  Do you know what a labyrinth is?  During these weeks you will learn how to create all the arts, from journaling to music, to performing, to visual art.  Everything you need to create art will be found on in nature


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